Our Successes

Current & Past Assignments

We do what matters most to our clients in achieving their business and financial objectives.

CFO Support Services

  • Designed a proper reporting package that entails group consolidation mechanism. Strengthen the finance team through trainings with more defined roles and responsibilities for accountability.
  • Assisted client to re-build the financial data of 5 years so as to better understand the state of its group’s financial performance and position for the management and proposed roadmap for execution including the funds required to patch the gaps.
  • Reviewed the accounting treatment and policy of recognising project revenues and corresponding costs after the departure of the head of finance. Provided trainings to management and finance personnel on the correct treatments and accounting to the books. Determined the erroneous entries and assisted in the proposed adjustments prior to audit and statutory filing.
  • Part of the IPO team to prepare for listing involving proforma group consolidation accounts, past 3 years key data analysis and preparation of board memorandum. Provided solutions to identify key issues for deliberation by its management board, proposed restructuring steps and expected dilution effects with stakeholders.
  • Assisted in the restatement of 2 years financial statements to present the true financial performance and position to provide litigation support in light of a legal suit undertaken by the shareholders against the runners of the business.

Transaction Support Services

  • Assisted in the evaluation of a business proposition, and put together its financial budgets, determined its enterprise value for pitching to investors for pre-money investment. Deliverables include the teaser, information memorandum and “stress-tested” financial models.
  • Performed high level financial due diligence on a proposed acquisition of a services firm. Provided the due diligence report on the quality of earnings and assets, covering areas of focus, estimated price consideration and simple head of terms for negotiation.
  • Provided solutions on pre-IPO restructuring exercise to ensure retained profits being flow back to stakeholders, covering the investments and divestments of entities of the enlarged group.

Management Support Services

  • Formalised a finance standard operating procedures for a logistic service provider and during the course of assignment, highlighted internal control gaps and gave practical solutions to these.
  • Assisted in the review of daily operation process and fine-tuned the backend EPR workflow to streamline the overall efficiency of the business as a whole.
  • Re-vamped the inventory module of an EPR system to re-correct the stock measurements and valuation, in weighted average and first-in-first-out basis for each inventory class. Re-patched the infrastructure set up pertaining to its functional currency report presentation and addressed the currency translation issues identified.