Message from Chairman & Founder

Chairman’s Statement

Choo Boon Tiong

Non-Executive Chairman

As a young executive many, many years ago, I developed a strong empathy for entrepreneurs striving to build businesses. I’d like to think that during my years in financial services, and perhaps even now, I have done a little something to support (in particular) SMEs, and to encourage the spirit of enterprise.

Supporting entrepreneurship is a worthwhile cause as businesses provide employment, create wealth, and serve as a means for individuals to achieve their aspirations and their potential. At the basic level, it helps to feed their families.

Businesses need to constantly manage cash flows and plan their finances, or bad things could happen. But very often, business owners lack expertise in this area. I am pleased that Jessie and the team will be using their considerable skills in accounting and finance to tackle some of these issues faced by Konundra’s clients.

Founder’s Message

Jessie Koh


Having worked with business owners, CEOs, senior managers and directors of listed companies, I have seen top executives struggle painfully with financial issues and operational challenges. Very often, it comes down to proper cash flow management and making informed decisions based on accurate and timely financial data, analysed by capable staff, especially those in key positions.

Business owners need to work closely with their CFOs and CTOs, even as they carefully manage human capital at every stage of their development to avoid serious pitfalls. At times, outsourcing to draw on external expertise with healthy insights is essential to drive growth, assess new business ventures and even chart succession planning.

Our team and I seek to support our clients with guidance and advice in financial matters, as well as corporate exercises that they may wish to undertake. We draw also on the resources and expertise of our corporate partners where appropriate, to provide that support. We look forward to working closely alongside these clients as they build their businesses, and their success will be our success too.

She is also a Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA) with Institute of Valuers and Appraisers of Singapore.